Wired Magazine features Cirkil ‘Rag in a Bag’ bed bug protocol


June 10, 2014

screengrab: WIRED MagazineVANCOUVER—Terramera’s trademarked “Rag in a Bag” protocol to treat bed bugs in electronics and other clutter, was recently featured in Wired Magazine. The article, titled “What Can You Do about Bed Bugs in Your Laptop?”, reported on work done by Dr. Dini Miller to validate the new protocol in her labs at Virginia Tech.

Entomologist and Wired contributor Gwen Pearson wrote, “The worst has happened: you’ve got bed bugs. There are good methods (though expensive!) to control bed bugs in and on furniture and luggage, and you can wash clothing and bedding. But what about all your STUFF?” She described the testing done to validate Rag in a Bag to treat bed bugs, and reviewed Miller’s findings.

“The results of Miller’s tests were spectacular; 100% mortality for eggs, nymphs, and adults after 7 days in bags containing shoes, purses, electronics, toys, and paperback books. The only exception to that perfect control record was hard-cover books. Bindings of books apparently provided a good enough hiding space that only 70% of bed bug adults were killed after one week. That’s still pretty good, and additional tests are being done to see if leaving hard-cover books in the bag for an additional week can finish off the stragglers,” wrote Pearson.

“Having bed bugs is a painful experience; having to throw away thousands of dollars of your possessions is like adding insult to injury,” notes Karn Manhas, CEO of Terramera. “It is rewarding to have developed CIRKIL, allowing people to effectively treat bed bugs hiding in their possessions, and saving people with bed bugs the added financial pain of throwing out and replacing infested items.”


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