Tips & Tricks: Proper Termite Inspection

By |  August 5, 2014
Marie Knox

Marie Knox

For proper termite inspection (and thus treatment), become familiar with the leading edge veins and how many veins are characteristic of the species you have in your area. Drywood species typically have three or four leading edge veins, while subterranean varieties have two. If you have multiple subterranean species to choose from, be familiar with other characteristics such as relative size of alates and distinguishing features on the wings besides veins (hairs, for example). There also will be variances in body color.

Make sure you have a good magnifying hand lens or microscope, a light source and an easy-to-use identification key. There are several keys available from various sources, so use the one that makes the most sense. Clear, close-up pictures also are helpful when making comparisons.

Marie Knox is PCO Technical Manager for Control Solutions Inc.

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