Tips and Tricks: Are Termites the Problem? Location Makes a Difference


August 23, 2014

Ron Schwalb

Ron Schwalb

When we talk about wood-destroying insects and organisms (WDI/WDO), we tend to think only of subterranean termites — although this might depend on your location:

  • The Northeast tends to focus on carpenter ants. But don’t forget to inspect for powderpost beetles in crawlspaces and basements.
  • The Northwest is concerned about carpenter ants and subterranean termites, but in the wetter climates, there’s a strong potential for damage from decay fungi.
  • The West can have a mixture of subterranean and drywood termites, wood-destroying beetles and decay fungi, depending on the region.
  • The Midwest can have subterranean termites, powderpost beetles, decay fungi and carpenter ants.
  • The South and Southeast probably have the greatest potential for WDI/WDO, including subterranean and drywood termites, wood-destroying beetles, carpenter ants and decay fungi, depending on the region.

As the first line of defense, a professional inspection involves inspecting for all WDI/WDO, identifying conducive conditions and informing customers of their options.

Ron Schwalb, BCE, ACE, is national technical manager, Nisus Corp.

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