Tips and Tricks: Inspections are Key to an Effective Rodent Control Program


September 17, 2014

Mark Westover

Mark Westover

Inspections lay the foundation for establishing an effective rodent control program. It’s amazing that something as simple as “looking around” can do so much to improve your business.

In addition, make sure your sales and service professionals have the same understanding about what to look for when performing rodent control. This will help ensure jobs are quoted properly, and will allow technicians to provide the proper level of service and keep callbacks from eating up profits.

Each year, this industry conducts thousands of hours of training in the field, but salespeople are rarely included. Maintaining continuing education units (CEUs) is important, but don’t discount the value to the salespeople who are quoting the jobs.

Mark Westover is vice president of Global Sales for Bell Laboratories.

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