Tips & Tricks: Use Knowledge of Vibrissae to Help Select, Place Traps


September 20, 2014

James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez

Rodents use vibrissae to sense changes in air pressure and movement, so they know when you (or predators) are nearby. This information can help PMPs select and place traps:

Live-catch devices. Place these passive units at 15-ft. intervals.
Glueboards. Catches on these devices are accidental normally, so placing them along run-paths is critical. Using a tray to keep a mouse’s feet out of the glue before the catch increases the likelyhood of success.
Easy-to-set traps. Test a few versions for trigger sensitivity. The angle of the trap, when set, varies. Select a trap with a high angle because the vibrissae on a rodent’s head will be less likely to come in contact with the trap and warn the pest of imminent danger.

James Rodriguez, ACE, is National Marketing Manager for J.T. Eaton & Co.

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