Tips & Tricks: 3 Questions to Ask When Baiting for Rodents


October 1, 2014

Dr. ElRay Roper

Dr. ElRay Roper

When baiting for rodents, consider these three questions:

1. Where should I place bait stations? Placing units along walls or other guidelines won’t guarantee rodents will find the bait. A thorough inspection before bait station placement will help identify high-activity areas for rodents.
2. How much bait should I use? If there are minimal signs of rodent activity, one or two blocks of bait per station will be sufficient. If there are signs of a heavy rodent infestation, consider adding more.
3. How should I place bait in a station? When the weather is warm, bait is less likely to melt on a vertical rod than on a horizontal one. If you’re using pelletized bait in a pouch, secure the pouch to the interior walls of the bait station with a large document clip. Puncturing the pouch with a bait rod won’t keep the pouch in place, because it can still be ripped from the rod and carried away by rodents during feeding.

Dr. ElRay Roper is Senior Technical Representative for Syngenta Professional Pest Management.


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