Tips & Tricks: Implement an Integrated Strategy for Successful Ant Control


December 1, 2014

Implement an integrated strategy for successful ant control:

■ During inspection, identify locations of ant activity, ant species, nest locations and conditions conducive for ant activity.

■ Treating the exterior of the home where ants can enter is crucial to a successful ant treatment. Ants passing through the treatment zone pick up the product. Through social interaction, they transfer the active ingredient to nestmates.

■ Treating off-structure areas (trees, planting beds, garbage areas, overgrown, cluttered areas, etc.) reduces the pressure around the structure, and can result in better ant control on and within the structure.

■ Prime interior treatment areas are suspected nesting areas and areas where ants are trailing. If using baits, place them near ant trails in areas where increased ant activity from recruitment won’t be a problem for the customer. Attics, basements and crawlspaces should be inspected and treated if needed.

Dr. Jason Meyers is Market Development Specialist for BASF Pest Control Solutions.


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