Off the Cuff: Resolution Tips for Cheaters


December 17, 2014

So here we are again. Another year under the belt and another fresh opportunity to tackle those things we’ve been meaning/wanting/needing to do.

Since my boss, Marty Whitford, and I faced off over the pros and cons of making New Years resolutions this time last year, it seemed appropriate to revisit the theme with some (cheaters’) tips for making your resolutions stick. Keep in mind, these tips are from the same person who outlined the negatives of resolution making last year, so if you’re looking for words of inspirational wisdom, you might want to look elsewhere (PMP, Dec. 2013).

■ Ask friends about their resolutions. Eventually you’ll come across one that might be a difficult resolution for them, but a cakewalk for you. For instance, a friend might resolve to go to bed earlier in 2015. If they resolve to be in bed each night before 10 PM and you regularly cash in your chips after “Wheel of Fortune,” steal that resolution and put it at the top of your list.

■ Use meaningless adjectives to make your resolutions more … flexible: “I resolve to eat better quality food.” If you’ve been eating preservative-filled, prepackaged donuts for breakfast, here’s your chance to see what a real bakery has to offer!

■ Test out a few legitimate resolutions you’ve wanted to make. Which will be easiest to keep? Commit those to paper and throw out the rest.

■ Finally, can you still buy disappearing ink from ads in the back of comic books? If so …

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