Tips & Tricks: Commercial Kitchens with Cockroaches Require Focus-Zone Inspections


December 24, 2014

Commercial kitchens are complex environments that require thorough inspection to develop the best pest management plan for German cockroaches. Using a focus-zone inspection, for example, ensures technicians are inspecting deep harborage areas in addition to easily accessible areas. This suggested approach includes:

Divide the account into manageable focus zones, such as food packaging, utility, disposal, dishwashing, food receiving and storage, food assembly, and food preparation areas. These limited areas can be inspected thoroughly or treated in one visit.

Concentrate service on the microhabitats where cockroaches are most likely to live.

Determine the products and application techniques most suitable for each microhabitat.

Rotate the zones being focused on during each service.

Assign multiple technicians to cover all zones when performing initial clean-out service to control active conditions facility-wide.

After cleanout, an integrated pest management (IPM) program should consist of an appropriate mix of sanitation, baits, residual insecticides, contact insecticides and monitoring.

Dr. Jason Meyers is Market Development Specialist for BASF Pest Control Solutions.

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