Tips & Tricks: Old-School Observations Contribute to Success


December 26, 2014

Although the following cockroach management observations and tips might be considered old school, this information will continue to contribute to a pest management professional’s (PMP’s) success.

Remember the three fundamental resources cockroaches must have to thrive: food, water and shelter. A PMP’s job is to eliminate or limit access to these resources.

PMPs should advocate for floor-level sanitation in cockroach accounts. Poor sanitation provides cockroaches with increased resources and interferes with control methods. Observe and report sanitation problems.

Identify the species of cockroaches. Behavior, harborage requirements and bait preferences vary among species.

Cockroach control requires access to difficult-to-reach harborage sites in complex architectural structures. Provide technicians with protective gear, professional flashlights, inspection mirrors and access tools.

Joe Barile, BCE, is Technical Service Lead at Bayer Environmental Science.

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Joe Barlie, BCE, Technical Service Lead, Bayer

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