Tips & Tricks: How to Determine a Chemical Control for Cockroaches


December 31, 2014

Cockroaches need food, water and adequate harborage to thrive. Eliminate these, and you can prevent infestations. Even with thorough sanitation, cockroaches can infest. After a visual inspection and monitoring to determine the size of the infestation, determine a chemical control. Baits are available in flowable granular or gel formulations. Insecticidal dusts or flushing aerosols can provide control in sensitive areas and flush out insects in difficult-to-reach spots. Residual liquid insecticides labeled for food handling are useful as spot treatments or for cracks and crevices, especially where walls meet ceilings. To force insecticides into hollow pipes, control panels or other areas where a liquid sprayer won’t reach, try an appropriately labeled dust or liquid insecticide in a mechanical aerosol generator (MAG).

Brian Mount is Product Development Representative for FMC Professional Solutions.

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