Tips & Tricks: Long-term Control of Cockroaches in Multi-unit Housing


January 2, 2015

Achieving long-term control of cockroaches in multi-unit housing requires special treatment. Using low-impact dust formulations (diatomaceous earth, or DE, for example) is a preferred strategy because of the low risk. Dusting wall voids with DE is a long-term solution to controlling cockroaches because, unlike other dust formulations, DE doesn’t break down. It’s a constant sentinel guarding the wall voids, and a technician can perform treatments. Tips on DE dusting tips include:

Buy dust in large pails instead of aerosols to reduce cost.

Use hand dusters to push the dust deeper into wall voids.

Avoid using dust in damp areas.

James Rodriguez, A.C.E., is National Marketing Manager for J.T. Eaton Co. Inc.

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