Tips & Tricks: The Importance of Bait Rotation for Cockroach Control


January 5, 2015

Along with integrated pest management (IPM) practices, bait application remains one of the most effective methods to control cockroaches. Bait rotation is one of the big subjects for cockroaches. Recent studies show certain cockroaches have developed aversion to some of the glucose products used on cockroach baits. This aversion is genetic, and it eventually spreads to offspring, resulting in increasingly large groups of cockroaches that reject some glucose bait formulations. Pest management professionals (PMPs) can battle this aversion by rotating the types of baits used for cockroaches and removing old bait placements when applying new ones.

Paul Curtis, BCE, is Manager, Technical Service, for Terminix.

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Paul Curtis, BCE, is Manager, Technical Service, at Terminix.

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