Roadtrip Roundup: Univar ES Open House


January 29, 2015

EASTLAKE, OHIO — In mid-December, Univar Environmental Sciences (ES) held its annual holiday open houses at multiple Univar ES locations across the country. Pest Management Professional (PMP) visited the company’s Cleveland-area open house on Dec. 18.

Univar Environmental Sciences

One of Univar Environmental Sciences’ annual holiday open houses was held at its Eastlake, Ohio warehouse.

The afternoon gathering offered an opportunity for customers and partners alike to explore the company’s new Eastlake, Ohio warehouse, store and ProCenter kiosk. The open house also served as a mini product expo featuring partnered manufacturers.

Like all of Univar’s annual holiday open houses across Ohio, the company took advantage of the opportunity to encourage pest management professionals (PMPs) to participate in their holiday drive for the homeless. Guests donated flashlights, batteries, socks, toilet paper and cash. Univar staff promoted and coordinated the drive, while FMC Professional Solutions donated 100 large duffle bags to the cause. It also marked the first time Univar’s holiday drive was extended from exclusively being in Columbus, to Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Amid a festive environment of holiday food and cheer, guests were encouraged to look around, visit exhibitors, network with Univar partners and employees, and take a peek at one of the new ProCenter kiosks.

The kiosks, which were rolled out last year to 54 ProCenter locations, were designed to maximize the Univar ProCenters experience by making a visit to one of Univar’s ProCenters more time-efficient. Featuring touchscreen technology, the kiosks educate and inform customers about Univar ES’ products and provide in-store access to exclusive monthly promotions, product information, premier services, print-ready labels and material safety data sheets (MSDSs), and

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