Tips & Tricks: Insights Help Protect Against Mosquitoes


April 16, 2015

Dr. Stan Cope

Dr. Stan Cope

There are about 3,000 kinds of mosquitoes worldwide, and about 175 of them are in the United States. Most prefer to bite large mammals or birds — not humans. Still, insights to help you protect your customers include:

⦁ Adult mosquitoes rest in areas that are cool, dark, damp and out of the wind. Concentrate control efforts in these places.

⦁ Most mosquito species bite during the evening, but some bite during the day. Ask your customers where and when they’re being bitten, which provides clues for control options.

⦁ Mosquitoes breed in anything that holds water. Look carefully during inspections, because even a small breeding site can produce thousands of hungry mosquitoes.

⦁ Controlling container-breeding mosquitoes requires a significant source reduction effort. In addition to adult control, breeding sites must be dried, removed or treated.

Dr. Stan Cope is Director, Entomology and Regulatory Services, Terminix International.

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Dr. Stan Cope is VP of products and technical services for Catchmaster manufacturer AP&G Co.

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