Tips & Tricks: Mosquitoes Require Management, Not Just Control


April 24, 2015

Brian Mount

Brian Mount

With mosquitoes, think management, not just control. Inspect for breeding sites — namely, items that can hold sufficient water to complete the aquatic life cycle of one to three weeks. Look for old tires, flower pots, garbage cans, clogged gutters, toys, soil depressions, tree cavities, bird baths, watering cans, and sump-pump or air-conditioner discharge. Work with the customer to drain or remove any breeding sites; fix window or door screens; and, if necessary, contact a mosquito-abatement agency to address large breeding sites such as ponds.

Then, perform a barrier treatment with a properly labeled adulticide, applied every three to four weeks, depending on pressure. Using labeled rates, treat areas where mosquitoes can rest or contact when looking for a bloodmeal. Such sites include building perimeters, under decks, shrubbery, around gazebos and sheds, and in some cases, the low-hanging tree line.

Brian Mount, BCE, is Technical Service Manager for FMC Professional Solutions.

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