5 tips for ant control


June 17, 2015

Dr. Dina Richman

Dr. Dina Richman

1. Identification is key. Different species require different treatment approaches. Knowing the characteristics of each ant species will help you gain faster, longer-lasting control.
2. Follow a line of ants. This helps to determine the origination of their nest(s).
3. Use perimeter residual sprays around the structure. This includes the foundation, doors and window frames, as well as spraying the trails.
4. If one type of bait doesn’t work, try another. Keep in mind that ant food preferences — carbohydrates, fat and protein — change with the season and with the evolving needs of the colony. Place baits along observed foraging trails. Do not spray baits with residual sprays.
5. Exclude the ants from the structure. Permanently seal points of entry by caulking windows and cracks, and weather-stripping doors.


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Dr. Dina Richman is product development manager of FMC Corp.

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