It Doesn’t Have to Be Us vs. Them


June 19, 2015

Will Nepper

Will Nepper

Pollinator health is still making headlines, and the mainstream media continue to struggle with their handling of the topic with knee-jerk reactions based on inconclusive studies that prove the issue is more complicated than originally reported. Most nonindustry media outlets either echo activist talking points or gloss over myriad nuances inherent in the pollinator health issue.

Part of the problem is the media are increasingly forced to antagonize a party in any controversy, making heroes of some and moustache-twirling villains of others. Also, there’s only so much time in any news segment, only so much space in a newspaper article, that important information is often left out. It’s unrealistic to expect the mass media to thoroughly explore mountains of research or give equal time to every angle of every story.

During the past year, the industry has taken several bold steps to speak up and explain that this is a shared concern for all — a discussion worth having. But important conversations about pollinator health require something lacking or completely absent from mainstream media coverage: facts. With the help of NPMA events such as Legislative Day and Bayer’s visible effort to explore solutions, the industry is finally beginning to make important headway. It’s adding nuance to the narrative with research, facts and the search for answers.

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