Unlikely Winner In Rodent vs. Reptile Battle


June 24, 2015

It’s not every day you see a snake go up against a rabbit – and lose. For one protective rabbit, however, attacking and scaring off a snake was an easy feat. A few days ago, YouTube user Ramakanth p uploaded this video of a snake getting attacked by a mother rabbit after she realizes the snake killed one of her babies. Even when the snake is clearly making a retreat and trying to find an escape route, the rabbit continues to bite, scratch and pounce on the snake, further driving her “don’t mess with my family” message.

Snakes can often be pests in your customers’ yards, scaring anyone who isn’t expecting to come across them. Although snakes do not cause much physical damage to property, they can cause emotional damage to homeowners, which is why pest management professionals (PMPs) are able to stay in the business of snake removal. It also explains why the child in the background of the video is cheering on the rabbit, saying, “Go, Mr. Bunny! Get that snake!”

Although watching a protective rabbit battle a snake is certainly entertaining, the chances of the rabbit winning in other circumstances are pretty slim. To avoid a traumatizing event, such as finding dead bunnies in your yard, PMPs should safely remove any unwanted snakes from a customer’s yard. Read more about various control strategies for both venomous and nonvenomous snakes here.

If you ever happen to find yourself betting on a fight between a snake and a rabbit, it’s probably best to bet on the snake – unless the rabbit is a mother.

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