Bee Attack Turns Deadly for Texas Farmer


July 2, 2015

Photo: Action 4 News

The tractor farmer Rogerio Zuniga was riding when attacked by bees. Photo: Action 4 News

Killer bees don’t just appear in horror movies; they are very real,unfortunately. A run in with bees proved fatal for a man in Lozano, Texas, reports. While plowing his field June 23, third-generation farmer Rogerio Zuniga was attacked and could not escape the killer bees. His sister, Lisa Zuniga, said her brother inadvertently disturbed an 18-in. irrigation pipe with his tractor. Little did he know, the pipe was swarming with extremely aggressive bees. He jumped off the tractor and ran, according to the report, but was later found collapsed in the field with stings all over this body. Zuniga’s sister said her family went looking for her brother after they noticed the unattended tractor in the field. “He had gaping wounds, the bees shredded him basically. It was horrible,” Lisa Zuniga said.

Zuniga’s family and friends said they now have concerns about venturing outdoors and are hopeful county leaders will take action to protect residents against aggressive bees. His sister said she wanted her brother’s legacy to be the way he lived, “loving each other and caring for each other when we need it,” and not the way he died.


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