Mosquitoes Celebrated in Russian Festival


July 14, 2015

Most people see mosquitoes as pesky little bloodsuckers that serve no purpose other than to make the human race annoyed and itchy. Most people, that is, except the inhabitants of a Russian town. The city of Berezniki (in the Perm region of Russia) is hosting the 2015 Russian Mosquito Festival for the third year in a row on July 17 through July 19. According to an article in The Moscow Times, the festival celebrates mosquito season by holding several mosquito-themed events.

One of the bloodthirsty competitions, called the “Tastiest Girl,” is exactly what it sounds like. “The girls will stand for 20 minutes in shorts and dresses while they are bitten, and then we will count the number of bites,” organizer Natalya Paramonova told Russian news outlet, Metro News in an interview. The article also said the winner from the 2013 Tastiest Girl competition had nearly 100 bites. And yes, these girls choose to compete in this.

As if being attacked by mosquitoes wasn’t bad enough, another festival competition, appropriately named “Mosquito Legs,” will judge women based on who has the thinnest, most mosquito-esque legs, according to the The Moscow Times. And if neither of these is your cup of tea, you can always opt for the mosquito parade, where participants are encouraged to act and dress like mosquitoes.

The festival, which is expected to draw 3,000 mosquito-loving (or at least tolerant) people, will be held on the bank of a city river, where mosquitoes are guaranteed to be buzzing.

Luckily, most people would rather call up a pest management professional than celebrate these bloodsuckers. For tips on managing mosquitoes for your clients, check out this article.

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