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July 16, 2015


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This summer, several software and mobile system manufacturers announced new innovations tailored to pest management professionals’ (PMPs’) needs. Additionally, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) made announcements that should interest anyone concerned with pest management technology, mobile and otherwise. Here’s a rundown:

PesTech3 conference

The NPMA announced the launch of the PesTech3 conference, which will take place Jan. 5-7, 2016, in San Jose, Calif., the epicenter of Silicon Valley. The event will offer business management sessions and interactive pest management technology breakout groups. PesTech3’s roster of events is tailored specifically for pest management business owners looking to bone up on up-to-the-minute technological advances in information and digital technologies developed for the industry.

The event will feature technology thought leaders and provide a forum for attendees to share their tech experiences so they can learn from one another. It will also highlight current technologies used to enhance daily business practices.

The changes in technology throughout the past five years have been extraordinary, so a conference such as PesTech3 is invaluable for those who want to stay ahead of the curve, NPMA CEO Bob Rosenberg says.

“During PesTech3, companies will have the opportunity to learn about advances in mobile technologies, business automation, big data, security and other technologies on the horizon that will improve their efficiencies and create opportunities,” he adds.

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Fieldwork enhancements

Anstar Products recently added two features to its Fieldwork pest management software. Users now have the capability to keep photo documentation of service and inspection work. Additionally, users can view all past service notes directly through the Fieldwork Mobile iOS and Android app. By using photo documentation, PMPs are able to create a second page in their service reports with notes supplemented by photographs, which can be made available to office staff in real time or customers through printed and emailed service reports.

The service history enhancement keeps pertinent data about an account’s past inspections or service visits readily available to PMPs in the field via a mobile device. Each service location’s detailed page in the Fieldwork Mobile app allows PMPs to scroll through past account notes with ease. Visit to learn more.

Marathon road show

Marathon Data Systems is hosting “Pave the Road to Success,” a multi-city informative tour developed to educate current and potential users about PestPac capabilities, including how implementation helps establish control and secure profitability with a mobile workforce.

“The roadshow provides pest and lawn management professionals with in-depth knowledge of an industry-leading software solution,” says Chris Sullens, president and CEO of Marathon Data Systems. “‘Pave the Road to Success’ lays the groundwork for a future of enhanced mobile workforce productivity.”

The tour made its first stop in Southern California in June, but will be making stops in Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, Jacksonville, Fla., Raleigh, N.C., and Woodbridge, N.J., throughout the year.

Visit for more information.

Service Pro/A.R.M. Solutions partnership

Service Pro, developers of ServSuite, recently announced a seamless integration partnership with A.R.M. Solutions. The alliance was formed to assist pest management companies with reducing bad debt while maintaining a good relationship with their customers.

A.R.M. Solutions is a third-party, flat-fee and contingency collection services agency that specializes in helping pest management business owners offer their customers a cost-effective, diplomatic solution to debts, while retaining slow-paying customers.

“The integration we developed will provide Service Pro clients a quick and seamless process to send past-due accounts to A.R.M. Solutions for collections,” explains Andy Deering, COO of Service Pro. “We interviewed numerous agencies to find the best collection partner, and it was an easy choice.”

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