Tips & Tricks: Look Deeper to Solve Stored Product Pest Problems


July 23, 2015

Paul Curtis

Paul Curtis

When the basics of control still leave you with stored product pest problems at commercial accounts, look deeper to discover the source of chronic infestations:

⦁ Check between layers of paper backing on gondolas.

⦁ Inspect sign displays in food, pet food, birdseed and seed areas.

⦁ Check for product rotation and customer “regret placement” of food products hidden in nonfood or feed areas.

⦁ Look for unusual gondola construction that protects particulate accumulation.

Once you locate the source, mark infested product to ensure it doesn’t find its way back out to the sales floor, or get stored with uninfested product. A big “X” across the whole package with a permanent marker will do the trick.

Paul Curtis, BCE, is manager of Technical Services for Terminix International.

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Paul Curtis, BCE, is Manager, Technical Service, at Terminix.

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