Tips & Tricks: Five Steps to Pantry Pest Control


July 30, 2015

Dr. Dina Richman

Dr. Dina Richman

Five steps for controlling pantry pests:

1. Inspect and remove infested food products, including old grain, dust, flour and other food particles in and around storage cabinets.

2. Clean and vacuum food storage areas to ensure no insects, eggs or pupae remain.

3. Treat storage areas with a residual insecticide labeled for this use. Aerosols are particularly good for crack-and-crevice application in cabinets. Treat all areas, including wall and cabinet voids, where insects might be hiding. Insecticide should not be left on food preparation surfaces after treatment.

4. Vacuum away dead insects 24 hours after application.

5. Prevent reinfestation by repackaging materials in properly sealed containers.

Dr. Dina Richman is Insecticide Product Development Manager for FMC Professional Products.

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Dr. Dina Richman is product development manager of FMC Corp.

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  1. Art Manon says:

    I respectfully seek a second opinion on the good Dr. Advice of using pesticide in And around food storage when targeting product pests. this is the ip time of IPM, for 25 years I have been solving this issue with that practice only, excluding the use of any pesticides, engaging & educating the end users as the only help I need, no stress for the end users or my self by introducing pesticides when I P M alone will solve the issue.