Tips & Tricks: Monitor Stored Food Pest Infestations with Glue Traps


August 6, 2015

James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez

Pheromone glue traps are a great tool for monitoring stored food pest infestations and the success of your treatment. But often, glue boards containing these pheromones might not hold up to environmental conditions. They also can be inadvertently damaged by the customer. To protect glue boards, try these four steps:

1. Remove ramps from a multiple-catch rodent trap.

2. Insert a glue board.

3. Place pheromones on the glue board.

4. Secure the multiple-catch trap to a nearby stationary item.

This method allows for the semi-permanent placement of traps while preserving the integrity of the board for long-term success.

James Rodriguez, ACE, is National Marketing Manager for J.T. Eaton & Co.

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