Tips & Tricks: Keys to Indianmeal Moth Mating Disruption


August 13, 2015

James Miller

James Miller

Four key steps to a successful Indianmeal moth (IMM) mating disruption program include:

1. Implementing pheromone monitoring — This critical component should take place before and during the program.

2. Selecting the size of the treatment site, not only in square feet, but also in cubic feet — Ensure all susceptible areas are treated, and remember, IMM larvae wander to pupate.

3. Selecting an application rate — Base your decision on product label and historical/current IMM levels, which are typically broken into three segments: high, medium and low activity.

4. Placing dispensers at a height of 5 to 16 ft. — Every application is different, but the goal is to achieve a grid-like pattern throughout the treatment site.

James Miller, ACE, is Market Manager and Pest Control Operator for Trece Inc.


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James Miller, ACE, is Market Manager and Pest Control Operator for Trece Inc.

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  1. Jordan says:

    Great tips here. It’s important to keep pests from making more of themselves! Thanks for sharing this “how-to”.