Arrow summer internships deemed success


August 25, 2015

Atlanta-based Arrow Exterminators has concluded its fourth year of hosting a summer internship program. The Arrow Exterminators summer intern class of 2015 consisted of 12 interns, who were introduced to all facets of the pest management industry as well as corporate support roles within the company. With a wide variety of backgrounds, interns worked across a number of business departments — human resources, marketing, training, customer care, sales and more.

“Hiring, training and retaining the best people is an integral part of our Vision,” says Shay Runion, chief human resources officer. “Our internship program is designed to provide opportunities to learn about our industry and the various career paths that are available, as well as helping to meet educational and career planning goals. Our interns spend two full days learning all about the unique culture at Arrow Exterminators, as well as about the industry, before they receive their department assignment based on their interests. This was Arrow’s fourth year providing the internship program, and we are thrilled to have hired two of the interns as full-time team members.”

Parker Geiger, an incoming junior at Auburn University, says, “Interning at Arrow has given me the opportunity to learn so much more about the Human Resources field than I would ever learn in a classroom. I have developed a multitude of skills, and have a much greater concept of what to expect after college. I had a great experience at Arrow Exterminators, and I can’t wait to return next summer.”

Myra Smith, now a full-time special ops team member, says, “Coming into this internship, I didn’t know what to expect. I was surprised by all of the opportunities I was provided with as the summer progressed, and how much I enjoyed myself. I’m glad I was given the opportunity to participate in the internship, because I am now a full-time team member with the Special Ops department here at Arrow.”

Blake Juberg, an incoming junior at LaGrange College, says, “Arrow’s Internship Program provides a platform for interns to extensively explore and learn about the pest control industry while getting unmatched, hands-on experience. My internship with Arrow’s Marketing Department has been extremely valuable to my success as a business student, and I am glad to have had the opportunity.”


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