Tips & Tricks: Integrated Approach Controls Spiders


September 10, 2015

Doug Vangundy

Doug VanGundy

As warmer weather approaches, property owners might start to notice an increase in spider activity in and around their residences. To control spiders, pest management professionals (PMPs) must use an integrated approach, while also educating customers about proper techniques to prevent future infestations.

Here are some tips to help you and your customers identify and control a spider infestation:

Conduct a complete inspection indoors and outdoors to identify the source of the infestation, entry points and species.

Remove webs, egg sacs and areas for harborage.

Dispose of clutter in storage areas such as garages, sheds and attics to eliminate web-building sites.

Repair and caulk any cracks or holes in the building exterior.

Treat spiders with a residual insecticide that can stay on top of porous surfaces.

A perimeter application of a broad-spectrum insecticide can help eliminate insects that act as a food source for spiders.

Doug VanGundy is senior director, Research and Development, for Zoëcon Professional Products.

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