Top 10 Business and Tech Tips from PMP Cadenhead


October 2, 2015

Michael Cadenhead, an associate certified entomologist (ACE) and CEO of Cadenhead Services Pest Control offers some tips to help grow your business. Learn more about Cadenhead and his company here.


1. Contracts
Do have an attorney review your termite management contract.
Do keep your contract simple.
Don’t offer a lot of different versions or options.
Don’t assume clients understand your contract. Review it with them, and ask them to initial key areas.

2. Training
Do hold regular training meetings that focus on inspection, paperwork and treatment.
Do conduct follow-up inspections to ensure your technicians note areas of concern.
Don’t assume technicians understand what you’re telling them. Ask them to show you what you taught them.
Don’t just train indoors; get outside your office. Every structure is different when it comes to how it was constructed, its landscaping, and how it’s maintained.

3. Equipment
Do use technology, such as infrared cameras to pinpoint moisture areas and tablets to share digital contracts and inspection photos and diagrams.
Do ensure all your technicians use the same equipment for the same types of jobs.
Don’t assume technicians understand how to use the equipment. Train them properly.
Don’t assume technicians will maintain equipment. Conduct random inspections.

4. Communicating with clients
Do collect multiple contact points for clients, such as emails and cell numbers that allow texts.
Do communicate regularly, not just when service is due.
Don’t forget to follow up.
Don’t assume clients understand what you’re communicating. Verify they know what you mean.

5. Marketing
Do look at your competitors’ marketing efforts — and not just in your local market. Do it when you travel.
Do ask your staff and technicians for suggestions.
Don’t overdo data: Be selective in your capturing, reviewing, sharing and storing of information.
Don’t forget to notify your staff and technicians about new programs you’re offering.

6. Networking
Do attend open meetings for community leaders, civic groups, etc.
Do offer to provide helpful information at these meetings.
Don’t assume they know you’re there to make contact.
Don’t just become a member. Get involved. It’s better to be involved in one organization than be an absentee member of many.


1. Termiticides & general termite management training
Do closely read and follow labels.
Do use proper delivery methods.
Don’t assume your technicians know and follow labels.
Don’t contaminate your product with the residual of other products.

2. Equipment
Do ensure you have the proper equipment and tools.
Do ensure equipment works correctly beforehand.
Don’t neglect equipment maintenance schedules.
Don’t just ‘make do’ — fix or replace equipment.

3. Inspecting
Do use advanced inspection technology.
Do conduct follow-up inspections.
Don’t rush: Ensure you have the time needed to perform proper inspections.
Don’t just rely on your eyes; use your tools, too.

4. Saving time
Do use proper equipment that has been maintained and checked regularly.
Do use new, approved products and equipment.
Do prepare sites before treatments, including moving any obstacles that might hinder you.
Do work smarter, not just harder.

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