Destination: Planet PestWorld


October 14, 2015

Logo: Planet Pest World
There’s really nothing quite like PestWorld, which is one of the reasons I’ve looked forward to it every year since my first year with PMP. Is it a stressful time? Oh, you bet. We have extra-large PMP issues to produce in the months leading up to the event and a PMP Hall of Fame ceremony to prep. But once the issues hit your respective mailboxes and Hall of Fame details are nailed down, much of the stress melts away and is replaced with eagerness. I begin to look forward to the familiar faces I’ll be seeing in Nashville, the new faces and personalities I’ll encounter, the education I can always count on from PestWorld educational sessions, and the general camaraderie that emanates from the event. I’ve said it a million times, but there aren’t many industries I’ve encountered that come close to uniqueness of the pest management industry. The exchange of ideas, the fraternal attitude of shared experiences and the sense of fun that is inherent to those of you in pest management. Not all big industry expos are fun. (Believe me. I know.) Where else will you see folks dressed as bed bugs roaming the expo floor or find giant plastic cockroach party favors to freak out friends back home? What’s more — I’ve never been to Nashville! … so there’s that too.

That said, as I pack my bags this week for the trip ahead, I’ll try to steer my mind away from things like overstuffed luggage racks, crowded airports and rude taxi drivers (I prefer to travel by car … MY car.) and instead focus on the fun that will surely be had in Nashville, aka “Music City U.S.A.” See ya’ in a few days, friends!


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