Tips & Tricks: Insect Pheromone Monitoring


October 15, 2015

Where there are spiders, there are insects on which they’re feeding. Once you solve the insect problem, the spider problem often disappears as well. Many pest professionals overlook insect pheromone monitoring in two easy-to-remedy situations:

James Miller

James Miller

Retail stores. A critical component for most food processing and storage sites is integrated pest management (IPM) and pest prevention programs for stored product insect pheromone monitoring. More emphasis on detecting these pests should be applied, especially before an irate customer calls the store about a spider coming home with them.
Residences. Maintaining cost and scheduling preventive service for this competitive segment of our industry is difficult; most calls are to mitigate a pest problem immediately. The use of stored product insect and fabric pest pheromone monitoring adds value to your service and separates you from the competition. Plus, it always helps to have a “working business card” — the pheromone trap — to ensure your return to the client.


James Miller, ACE, is Market Manager and Pest Control Operator for Trece Inc.

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