Tips & Tricks: Important Steps When Using Integrated Pest Management Approach


October 29, 2015

Dr. Dina Richman

Dr. Dina Richman

Feather dusters and vacuum cleaners are good first steps in an integrated pest management approach to spider control. Appropriately registered insecticides also are critical to success and are most effective when combined with nonchemical approaches.

Three more tips to consider are:
1. Safety first. Spiders can produce poisonous venom. Identify the species if possible, and always ensure technicians are protected.
2. Find the source. Spider webs in occupied areas are often the tip of the iceberg. Basements, crawlspaces and unused storage areas must be inspected to evaluate the extent of the infestation.
3. Find their food. Spiders feed on other arthropods. Their presence often means other pests. Eliminating conditions conducive to these pests — food sources, moisture, etc. — will achieve better control.

Dr. Dina Richman is product development manager FMC Professional Solutions.

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