Tips & Tricks: 5 Tools for PMPs to Detect Termites


November 10, 2015

Nicky Gallagher

Nicky Gallagher

There are many tools pest management professionals (PMPs) can use to detect termites:

  • Moisture meters — A moisture level of 20 percent or more is a strong indicator of termites.
  • Methane detectors — Inserting a probe into the area will sound an alarm if the level indicates a termite infestation.
  • Infrared cameras — Detect temperature differences between termites and the surrounding environment.
  • Acoustic detectors — Monitor termites’ chewing signals; small wireless options can alert a termite presence.
  • Optical borescope — Drilling a hole into the wall to insert the borescope can show how vast the termite damage is without removing an entire wall.

— Dr. Nicky Gallagher, Technical Services Manager, Syngenta Professional Pest Management

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