Biting/Stinging Arthropod Chart Breaks Down the Top 28


November 24, 2015

Chart: by Luke Guy
One of our readers, Luke Guy, recently sent me a link to a graphic chart he created with John Goldthwaite for Pest PRO. It posits the “top 28” biting and/or stinging arthropods. It’s a great chart with lots of great information such as:

Does the pest deliver a painful sting or bite?
Is its sting or bite medically significant?
Is it life threatening?
Can it fly?
Is infestation a possibility?
What are some of its common names?

That’s a lot of info to pack into a chart but that doesn’t mean the chart is difficult to read. It’s actually quite streamlined and easy to follow.

Each of the 28 pests also comes with illustrative IDs and genus classification.
Much of the charts info will come as no surprise to seasoned PMPs, but — what a great study guide for newbies! Keeping the chart handy could be useful when communicating with customers who have questions about any of the 28 offenders listed.

It’s important to note, as the chart does in its introduction, that the creators of it are “not suggesting all of the listed bugs here are dangerous.” Instead it simply points to typical side effects associated with each bug’s sting or bite.

At the time of writing this, I’m unsure if the arthropods are listed in any particular order, but I’m guessing no. Check it out here, and thanks to Luke Guy for sending it our way.

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