Happy Thanksgiving from PMP


November 26, 2015


What are we thankful for? Here at Pest Management Professional we’re thankful for you, our readers, first and foremost. Without you, there’d be little point to all of this, right?

We’re also thankful for another successful year that’s witnessed our growth, some change and a few new names on our masthead. We’re thankful for Diane Sofranec who has successfully slid into the role of managing editor, and Heather Gooch’s promotion to editor. We’re thankful for the addition of Ryan Gerard as our newest account manager. We’re also thankful for the addition of our new digital editor, Kelly Limpert, and graphic designer, Courtney Townsend who now assists art director Tracie Martinez in making our magazine look as good as it does. Speaking of looking good …

We’re thankful for the two national and five regional awards we picked up this year from the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE).

We’re thankful for another year of excellent expos and industry shows — especially a stellar PestWorld in Nashville last month.

We’re thankful for our newest PMP Hall of Fame inductees and the contributions they’ve brought, and some continue to bring, to the industry.

We’re thankful that we’ve met our deadlines and put out 11 (one month to go) 2015 issues that hit your mailboxes when they were supposed to, and all of the friends and family members who put up with those of us in the trade journalism profession for ALLOWING us to work late to meet those deadlines without divorcing, unfriending or disowning us.

We’re thankful for our stable of contributors — new and veteran — who bring years of experience and expertise to our pages.

We’re thankful for our fearless leader, Marty Whitford, who leads us as editorial director of PMP … and his (and by extension our OTHER) fearless leader, Kevin Stoltman who’s president and CEO of North Coast Media, our parent company.

We’re thankful to be gainfully employed, sheltered and fed and won’t forget those less fortunate, for whom this time of year can be a struggle.

We’re thankful to be serving an industry that’s bursting with a common love for the business — an industry that enthusiastically shares, assists and respects its individual players, from techs to small business owners to CEOs. — an industry that truly comprehends the concept of friendly competition, and understands the value inherent in making friends with the competition. (Not all industries are so lucky.)

Last (and probably least, but they won’t mind), we’re thankful for the pests — the spiders and mice, bees and hornets, ants and termites, rats and birds, bed bugs and raccoons. Little critters and creepy-crawlies: you are our bread and butter. Without you, we, collectively, are nothing. Keep on doing what you do. Spin your webs, make your trails, build your nests, and send ’em jumping up on chairs squealing as they dial our readers for help.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of things to be thankful for this year around this office.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. Richard says:

    Thank you!! for all your hard work in providing all of us readers for the useful information, tech. tips and wonderful suppliers.