Tips & Tricks: Assess, Evaluate During Pest Inspections


January 7, 2016

Jeff McGovern

Jeff McGovern

The pest management industry has long offered free inspections. But these take time and money to perform and devalue an important part of the pest management process. What we need instead is thorough investigation.

The terms “assess” and “evaluate” more accurately convey the purpose of the initial onsite visit. Technology has given us new tools to assist us in serving our clients and proving our value and benefit to them.

Let’s take a look at the word ASSESS and see how it can help us remember the elements critical to the success of our work. The letter S, used four times in the word itself, represents those elements. When interviewing a client, investigating and then mapping the site, the four S’s keep us on track:

  1. Sightings of the pests.
  2. Signs of the presence of pests.
  3. Sounds caused by pests moving around and/or the sounds they make.
  4. Smells caused by the pest and/or their preferred harborage.

Efforts should be focused and accurately documented for the client and the pest professional so they can make informed decisions about pest management services.

— Jeff McGovern, Technical Specialist, Pest Barrier


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