Tips & Tricks: Indoor, Outdoor Control of Fleas and Ticks


March 11, 2016

Dr. Dina RichmanFor indoor flea and tick control, concentrate on areas where pets are most active and use a product that can be applied as a broadcast, spot and/or crack-and-crevice treatment.

Outside, fleas and ticks are found mainly alongside paths, trails, roads and in areas where lawns interface with natural environments. Use a granular or liquid spray at labeled rates to control fleas and ticks and create a barrier against re-entry into yards or homes. Liquid insecticides can be applied to the home’s perimeter and to cracks and crevices, whereas a granular insecticide can be applied as a broadcast treatment to yards if the infestation is heavy.

Always follow the label and make sure your chosen products have an extended residual action.

— Dr. Dina Richman, Product Development Manager, FMC Professional Solutions

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Dr. Dina Richman is product development manager of FMC Corp.

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