Tips & Tricks: Locate moisture sources for Oriental cockroach control


April 13, 2016

Douglas Webb

Douglas Webb

The first step in controlling any pest is to make sure you identify it correctly. Unfortunately, misidentification can give cockroaches the advantage. For example, nymph-stage Oriental cockroaches (Blatta orientalis) can easily be confused with nymphs of the American cockroach (Periplaneta americana), smoky brown cockroach (P. fuliginosa) and other larger cockroach species.

Oriental cockroaches are found in warm, damp areas. They do not fly well, if at all, so the infestation will be within their crawling range. Their “winter wonderlands” often include steam tunnels, sewers, wall voids with condensation issues or near heat sources, basement sumps, crawlspaces and other warm, damp areas found in homes or businesses.

Locating the moisture sources and reducing dampness are imperative when Oriental cockroaches are infesting a structure. This usually involves fixing leaks, ventilating areas properly and/or locating other issues that result in trapped moisture in the structure.

— Douglas Webb, Manager, Technical Services, Terminix

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Douglas Webb is Manager, Technical Services, for Terminix International.

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