Pest Entry Management’s BATMAN kills bugs with bats


June 10, 2016

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Jay Lee, of Pest Entry Management, plants one of his bat houses in a customer’s backyard.

Forget Ben Affleck or Christian Bale — the newest Batman around is Jay Lee with Pest Entry Management in Nashville. He was given the nickname for his inventive and well-publicized chemical-free approach to catching bugs. He creates bat houses, wooden shacks high atop wooden posts, which recreate a bat’s natural habitat and bring the dark-winged creatures to roost AND — more importantly — search for food in the nearby vicinity. Bats, being a natural predator to many insects, help, he says, to clear the area of pests such as mosquitoes — calls for which he’s been getting with increased regularity due to media coverage of the mosquito-borne Zika virus. His method is catching on and grabbing media attention as is evidenced in this short clip via CNN.

Do YOU think bats are an effective form of pest management? Why or why not? … and what about all the guano?

Clip & images via CNN Health

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  1. Richard says:

    As Jay stated that bats are a viable part of the ecosystem. As far as the guano… should have some mighty fine green grass below the bat house and you would not be in any danger as it is not in a confined space for you to breath the dust and on the ground it would breakdown with the rain fall.

    I plan on installing several around my home and have fun teaching my son some woodwork and appreciate helping the bats.