Tips & Tricks: Understanding bed bug-human relationship is key


July 27, 2016

Jeff McGovern

Jeff McGovern

One of the first things a pest management professional learns is the four key factors to infestation: access, food, water and harborage. Infestation almost certainly occurs when a pest exploits resources available from any one of these pathways.

With bed bugs, humans are the food and the water. The key to preventing and managing bed bug problems is interrupting the paths between access and harborage, and the areas occupied and used by humans. This is done by creating a layered process, incorporating various products to cordon the humans from being accessed and supporting the bed bugs.

Keep in mind that there is no silver bullet; one product can’t do it all. The key to success is understanding the relationship between the pest and human activity.

— Jeff McGovern, Consultant, Pest Barrier

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