Zika Resource Package designed to help educate PMPs, clients


August 3, 2016

The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) is doing its part to ensure all pest management professionals (PMPs) have the most current information regarding the Zika virus.

It issued a comprehensive NPMA Zika Resource Package, and made it available to all PMPs, not just its members. It is available online now, and will be updated as new developments occur.NPMA

The NPMA Zika Resource Package includes details about the Zika virus, such as its cause, symptoms and origins. Also included is a link to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) guidelines on travel.

There is also education and training information. A link to an interactive online session offers an overview on mosquito management and Zika, whereas a four-part on-demand webinar series features experts from the CDC and the NPMA. A link to the NPMA’s Zika Technical Bulletin also is included. It features mosquito management and breeding elimination strategies.

The resources also include information PMPs can share with customers. Two videos – one that explains the importance of PMPs in eliminating pests that carry diseases and another that shows how to correctly apply insect repellent how pests transmit – are available. There are also two handouts PMPs can print and distribute to customers, in an effort to help eliminate breeding sites.

A section about regulations, policies and funding for mosquito management and Zika also is available to PMPs. There is also a list of additional resources for PMPs living in Florida, North Carolina and Texas.

The NPMA also includes a telephone number and email address for PMPs who would like additional information about pest management methods and mosquito biology.


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