Wildlife management merits a closer look


August 29, 2016


Illustration: ©Leo Michael

Wildlife management is a “one to watch” pest segment, we proclaimed in our 2016 State of the Industry report. Nearly half of our survey respondents offer wildlife management, and more than one-third report the niche’s profitability is increasing.

Handling raccoons, skunks, moles and other vertebrates is a logical extension of services for many pest management professionals (PMPs). But a wildlife management account typically requires more time than a general pest control account. The return on investment has to be carefully considered, as does the extra equipment expense.

Rollins weighed these and other considerations last year, before acquiring Critter Control. As you’ll learn in August’s cover story, Rollins — the parent company of Orkin Pest Control, PCO Services, Western Pest Services and others — had referred customers to Critter Control franchises for decades. Bringing the company itself into the Rollins fold seemed to be the next logical step.

Whether your wildlife management strategy is as hands-off as giving customers the name of a local animal-removal provider or as hands-on as being a regular part of your services, I encourage you to glean business lessons from the Critter Control-Rollins partnership. Then ask yourself a tough question as we roll into heightened wildlife pressure this fall: Is my current response to ‘The Call of the Wild’ the best one for my business?

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