Tips & Tricks: Capitalize on bed bug misidentifications


September 14, 2016

James_rodriguez2_150x150No one wants bed bugs, but reports of bed bug bites are the rise. Also on the rise is misidentification by tenants, homeowners, schools, businesses and hotel workers alike. This trend of misidentification is money in the bank for the smart pest management professional. Here’s an easy way to strategize:

  1. Define your company’s protocols for proper identification, monitoring, containment, customer recommendations and treatment based on the extent of an infestation.
  2. Establish a cost for your inspection time.
  3. Distribute information sheets to business owners, apartment owners and condominium associations with tips on avoiding the spread of bed bugs.
  4. Establish good relationships with local competitors to refer business to in the event your workflow is too big, or if you choose to not do bed bug work at this time.
  5. Once an account is under control, offer proven, industry-accepted products for reinfestation protection, such as mattress encasements, pitfall traps, luggage sprays, etc.
  6. As a “first responder” to bed bug calls, always keep an extra supply of plastic bins, large garbage bags, plastic sheathing and tape on hand for immediate containment.

— James Rodriguez, ACE, Technical Director, J.T. Eaton

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