Dead bugs … not BED bugs.


October 6, 2016

A mumble-y reporter’s question led to a misunderstanding, which in turn, led to a mild panic for riders of Allentown, Pennsylvania’s LANTA bus riders. While interviewed over the phone about a possible infestation on the LANTA bus’s red line, the rep from LANTA misheard the query — and we’re paraphrasing here: “We understand there have been concerns about bed bugs on some of the red line buses. Is this true?” Transit rep misheard “bed” as “dead” and conceded, that yes, during an inspection for a recently reported bed bug scare, many dead bugs were found (none of which were bed bugs, turns out.). This got reported and plenty of local coverage warning passengers of bed bugs on the red line. (Mild) panic ensues. It didn’t take too long for the local news outlet to correct the story but unfortunately it was after a (mild) uproar from commuters who took to social media to warn others of the dangers of riding LANTA and to air other grievances against Allentown’s public transportation. The damage had been done, but efforts were doubled to correct the story. If nothing else, perhaps a few more members of the public did at least a little digging online thereby educating themselves on bed bugs, identifying them, and likely places to find them. Neither party has pursued direct blaming of the either. Take it from a reporter — sometimes these things happen in phone interviews. Luckily, nothing I’ve misreported has ever caused a city-wide (exaggerating a bit for effect here) panic. Our sympathies to both and high hopes that everyone involved has a cool boss.


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