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October 13, 2016

35ffbc5[The following piece, “How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Conference or Convention,” was written and posted to LinkedIn by June Van Klaveren, and is being republished here with the author’s permission. We thought it a great reminder, before PestWorld, of steps you can take to squeeze the most bang for your buck out of the event. We appreciate Ms. Van Klaveren’s contribution to PMPPestTalk.] 

Your company spends considerable money, not to mention time away from the job, for you to attend the conventions or conferences. So why not maximize this expenditure of money and time to get the most from the conference. Here’s how:

1)     Review the agenda ahead of time so you’re aware of the presentations to be given. Then set “learning goals” for what you want to learn from each presentation. Then, if you don’t hear your questions answered, approach the speaker after their session to clarify anything you need help with.

2)     Bring the right gear. That means, paper, pens, phones, ipads, batteries, cameras, chargers … anything to help record your notes.

3)     After the conference, teach what you learned to those in your company who could not attend.

4)     DO NOT check email and voicemail during sessions. Turn the phone OFF and focus on the speaker and on learning!


Photo: PestWorld

5)     PARTICIPATE by asking questions after sessions.

6)     Make your exhibition hall wandering a relationship building exercise –Identify booths you’d like to visit and make a beeline for them when you wander the halls.

7)     Bring business cards!

8)     Sit beside someone you don’t know despite your tendency to hang with those people you know well.

9)     Follow up after the event with those you’ve connected with.

10)  In your notes, mark the things you definitely want to do or try when you get back to the office.

June Van Klaveren, Compelling Communications, helps companies promote their products and services through dynamic marketing materials and articles. 800-779-0067.

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