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7 tips to help your bird control marketing take flight Posted on 28 Mar 2018 in the Business & featured categories.

Marketing techniques may be slightly different from that for general pests — especially for a company that has just added it. Read more»

Network like a pro Posted on 26 Jun 2017 in the featured & Pest Talk categories.

Editor’s Note: A version of this column appeared on Van Klaveren’s blog this spring. To expand their business reach, pest management professionals (PMPs) are often advised to join the Rotary,... Read more»

12 tips for mosquito marketing Posted on 24 May 2017 in the featured & Pest Talk categories.

Mosquito season is here, so I’ve put together some marketing ideas to help you promote this important service. If you are not currently offering mosquito services, it might be something... Read more»

How to get the most out of PestWorld Posted on 13 Oct 2016 in the Events & Pest Talk & Web Exclusives categories.

[The following piece, “How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Conference or Convention,” was written and posted to LinkedIn by June Van Klaveren, and is being republished here with... Read more»

23 call-to-action tips for pest management marketing Posted on 04 May 2016 in the Business & marketing & Pest Talk & Sales & Web Exclusives categories.

[Blogged with permission from guest blogger, June Van Klaveren of Compelling Communications Inc.] Marketing gurus say that people don’t respond when asked just one time. It takes many, many calls to... Read more»