McCloud Services suggests criteria for selecting a PMP


November 17, 2016

It’s good to see an owner like McCloud Service’s Chris McCloud getting out in front of the public eye with a positive industry message like the one contained in the helpful article he’s recently developed and made available to the public. The McCloud Services article was written by McCloud, company President and CEO, on the importance of the pest management partnership to achieve a pest free environment among food facilities.

“Pest management is rather unique in comparison to other professional services offered, because cooperation between the pest management professional and customer is critical to the program’s success,” McCloud says. “A true partnership often requires a clear understanding of expectations, open communication, mutual trust and a shared vision on best food safety and integrated pest management (IPM) practices.”

The McCloud Services article outlines criteria for selecting a pest management professional and explores what food facilities and businesses should expect from their pest professional for a successful partnership.

The full article, “What You Should Expect from Your Pest Management Professional…What They Should Expect from You,” can be viewed on the company’s website.

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