Tips for ant control near rodent bait stations


December 7, 2016

James Rodriguez, ACE, Technical Director, J.T. Eaton & Co.

James Rodriguez, ACE, Technical Director, J.T. Eaton & Co.

Ants are a big problem when it comes to rodent baiting. They can consume all your rodenticide in no time. This leaves you with an empty bait station, which is essentially an ineffective rodent device.

Here are some tips for ant control inside and around rodent bait stations that will complement your current exterior treatments:

  • Identify the ant species to determine a baiting strategy (sweets vs. proteins).
  • If the label permits, use ant gels or food-based insect granules inside the bait stations.
  • Try placing diatomaceous earth or boric acid in bait stations in areas where it will remain dry.
  • Increase your exterior service frequency when ants are present, and refill your stations as needed.

When adding ant baits, granules or dusts to your rodent stations, you’ll have to label your devices accordingly. The benefit of implementing baiting strategies will result in long-term ant control and efficient baiting practices.


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