Shay Runion and the GPCA


December 15, 2016

Through the Georgia Pest Control Association’s (GPCA’s) Professional Women group, Shay Runion and her team encourage males to participate in activities, too — and bring their daughters, wives, mothers and sisters.

Shay Runion

Shay Runion

“I love being able to discuss what we do and what their dads or husbands do at work each day,” says Runion, who is the GPCA chairman of the board as well as the chief human resources officer for Atlanta-based Arrow Exterminators. “I want women to see what it’s like to work in our industry, and recognize this industry is wide open for them, too.”

As the second female to serve as an officer in the 66-year history of the association, Runion has been a significant force behind creating the Professional Women committee for the GPCA.

Speaking as a wife and mother, she says she believes all women struggle to some degree with “the great balancing act” between work and home, but is quick to point out the pressure isn’t being applied by anyone but herself.

“I know in my situation, it’s my nature to take care of people — and I sometimes see that in other women also,” Runion says. “The pressure we put on ourselves at home and work can be overwhelming, which is why I believe having other professional women in your life as mentors is so important.”


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