BASF, MGK to co-market fogging products



January 3, 2017


January 3, 2017



Effective immediately, BASF is utilizing MGK as an exclusive partner to support and promote its bulk pyrethrum products.

“MGK has a long history as a supplier and formulator of pyrethrum products in the US market, and has expertise and resources to advance products in this market segment,” says Jon Sweat, director for BASF Professional and Specialty Solutions. “BASF sells more than 50 professional pest control products, and continues to invest heavily in developing innovations, both in chemistry and delivery systems. Partnering with MGK allows for continued growth of our pyrethrum products while furthering BASF focus on the full pipeline of innovations coming out in the near term.”

Products included are ULD BP-100 II, ULD BP-300 II, HydroPy-300 and Microcare 3% CS. No aerosols or other formulations are included.

“MGK is excited to add these pyrethrum products to our growing portfolio of professional products,” says MGK President Steve Gullickson. “Our rich heritage and expertise delivering botanical solutions to our customers will be enhanced by this addition.”

All affected products will remain available through current distributors, and will retain BASF registrations. Product support and channel sourcing is now conducted through MGK.


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